From Far North Queensland to the Great Barrier Reef an ancient forest has silently been growing for 100,000 years. On one of the oldest continents on Earth, it is home to native animals, Indigenous communities and some of the rarest timbers in the world.  


For centuries, these forests, bordering the Southern Pacific Ocean, were managed by the traditional owners of the land whose stories extend back over 40,000 years.


Through the generations they lived with the environment, ensuring new growth under the canopy of Australia’s more exotic foliage. To this day, their practices are recognised as sustainably forward thinking and today we can see the benefits through timbers that haven’t been commercially available for 25 years.


They are timbers that hold the colours of the North, the stories of the Dreamtime and the qualities that make them ideal in carrying forward our own stories in a variety of architectural and furnishing applications.


Through selective harvesting our timbers present an opportunity to provide for future generations through engaging with local communities, providing employment and education, but also learning from the traditional ways these forests were cultivated.


Committed to an ethical and diverse approach to sustainable timber supply, Branch 95 invite you to create your own chapter of this incredible Australian story – inspired by the past, for generations to come.


Sustainable management and supply of our timbers is a given for Branch 95 and our credentials speak for themselves. It is our broader commitment to sustainable business, relationships and communities that set us apart.


Our timbers are sourced from forests that are managed in cohesion and collaboration with various stakeholders – in the private, public and government sectors. We work closely with local Indigenous land owners and councils – respecting the provenance of these forests and also providing training and employment in Far North Queensland.


We understand the importance of this resource and its history, so our harvesting is selective to ensure new growth and continued supply – balancing an eco-system that is ever-changing.


Our focus is on providing rare Australian timbers that are as ethical as they are sustainable, not just today but for generations to come.



Through selective harvesting Branch 95 remove mature trees before their qualities as timber and their support of the natural ecosystem expire, opening up the canopy to encourage new growth for the coming generations.

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